About Anna & Sarah

Anna & Sarah

We are two mums, who after receiving all the mounds of gifts that you gratefully receive when your first babies are born, realised that what was needed was a trusted guide where people can find beautiful gifts that will be treasured by both parent and child.
Over a cup of tea (Anna) / coffee (Sarah) the idea to launch u-ni-k was born!
Let us tell you a little about ourselves and what we felt was important when our babies were first born:

Hello! I am Anna, mum of one to the gorgeous , cheeky Ida. I met Sarah at our NCT antenatal meetings before our babies were born. It was all very bewildering meeting other mummies to be with big bumps, swollen ankles, each of us having anxieties about labour or sleepless nights. I was adamant I didn't want a typical pink baby girl, kitted out in pink clothes pink accessories and pink cheeks! Why do girls have to wear pink!? Since having Ida, it still baffles me that there are so little unisex clothes out there for babies?
anna unik giftsI have a retail/fashion background working with Maureen Doherty, owner of 'egg' in Knightsbridge for the past 9 1/2 years. As I told Maureen when she first interviewed me, and asked me what I wanted to be- "I want to have my own shop and sell beautiful things like you!" My love of beautiful, practical things soon translated into Ida's nursery and wardrobe. I was very lucky to receive many treasured things made with love, by loving hands when Ida was born. Yes, all the practical things that people bought were amazing but the true treasures were those special things that are so hard to find, for that new special person entering the world. I will keep these things forever and pass them to Ida when she is old enough to pass them to her babies.
That's how we got here today. After many a ranting session with my mummy friends over many a coffee about the lack of originality and good baby gifts, Sarah and I decided that we could help promote those mummies who can make, while helping people go back to tradition and buying heirloom baby products that are kept for a lifetime rather than till baby grows out of them!
Anna Matthews, Partner

Hi I'm Sarah the proud mother of Kathryn, the 'DangerBaby' who's a Daddy's girl already (*sigh*). I'm also a proud Aunt and Godmother, so I've been busy treating the special children in my life to lovely and precious keepsakes for too many years to count.sarah unik gifts
Becoming a Mum made me reconsider my 13+ years in project management, as I can't imagine letting myself miss my daughter's first words, steps or toothy smile while working on some minor IT problem in a faraway land. It was time to put my problem solving super powers to better use!
Over a cup of coffee with Anna and other Mummies, it became clear that I was not alone in my years of frustration of trying to buy decent gifts for the little people in my life. In fact I was lucky enough to discover I could knit while pregnant, so Kathryn was wearing Mummy creations and sleeping under Mummy knitted blankets from day 1!
Anna and I have been working hard putting together u-ni-k drawing on our different experiences and amazingly we've been on the same page from the very first meeting. We both strongly believe in high quality products that have been lovingly made by people who care as much about the finished article as we do. 
We've looked high and low to bring you a selection of beautiful pieces and we're still looking. I believe that there are many Mummies out there with hidden talents that could produce that special keepsake perfect for the child in your life. I hope one day to find them...
Sarah Davies, Partner