Friday, 29 November 2013

Friday Funny....

"And what do toy rabbits get for Christmas?", asked Shoey
"Hmmm I'm not sure", DangerMouse replied.

This image source was not found (I think it was in an Etsy shop but it's gone now) but was on Pinterest. If you are the owner of this image please contact me so I can give you credit here!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... everywhere you go!

I've been working on the website recently (who knew that our menu didn't work with iPads and other touch screen devices? Not us... anyway I digress) and I've made a few festive changes as well. Pop over and take a look!

We've put together a show of some of our favourite Christmas gift ideas.

We've also added our latest & greatest pages to our mini navigations

And over on our Facebook page you can now tell everyone what you think about your shopping experience with u-ni-k! (see the new Reviews section!)

So as you can see we're constantly changing our website, our Facebook page, our Pinterest boards... just like the children we named our company after, we too are growing!

Don't forget to keep your eyes open over at

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

All wrapped up!

Christmas time. A time of wrappings, bows and tape.
Unless your thrifty, most ends up in the bin.  
The moment of a beautifully wrapped present is soon a crumpled crunchy pile.
Being given a present and unwrapping it is almost as exciting as the gift itself. So we choose to wrap our gifts beautifully. Going the extra mile to make the gift precious and wanted before it is even opened.
We use methods of furoshiki to wrap our gifts.
It is beautiful, reusable and kind to the environment (each year tonnes of plastic bags end up as litter and spends decades in landfills. Reusable material, such as furoshiki can help reduce this waste. It's versatile, which allows us to wrap almost anything regardless of its shape or size. Furoshiki uses techniques similar to origami, with stunning results. We add the final flourish of a silk ribbon and our compliments/gift tag for you to write a personal message to the recipient. The end result is beautiful as well as functional. Since we're not ones to waste, please remember that the cotton is yours and could be used again as a scarf, a burp cloth or a babies comfort blanket.

We always gift wrap every product that leaves u_ni_k so that you can give it to it's new owner exactly how you receive it! We wrap it without stickers or sellotape so that you can peek inside without disturbing the wrapping too much!!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Wordless Wednesday... you're never too old

(You may have seen lots of Belle & Boo around, as Mandy Sutcliffe has branched out into the mainstream with books, cards & accessories. We still have one of her numbered limited edition prints available. The perfect gift for the Bell & Boo lover this Christmas)

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Teacup Tuesday.... last posting dates

One and All.

Do not leave it too late, especially if you'd like us to gift wrap and post your purchase overseas.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Celebrating Sternengasse's wonderful creations

Never find clothes on the floor again, these coatracks are works of art. Beautiful and Practical.

Hang these magical creations in a ray of light to be bathed in tiny rainbows

Play all day, every day with these traditional wooden toys

Wonderful wooden creations.
Available at

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Supporting Handmade this Christmas...

It's just under 6 weeks till Christmas day!
How will you be doing your shopping this year??

Here's something that we've found on facebook that has been shared shared and shared some more!
Will you be taking part?

#shoplocal #handmade #independents

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Teacup Tuesday... what we're up to!

It's very busy time of year for us, we were at the Godalming Independent Market on Saturday and we have 2 more outings this week.

On Thursday evening we'll be sharing our handmade gifts at the Lythe Hill Hotel - why not join us for a mulled wine?

On Saturday we're with the ever resourceful Scouts in Farnham:

Christmas Shopping Fair, Daniel Hall, GU9 7HX

3rd Farnham Scouts is holding a Christmas Shopping Fair at Daniel Hall, Farnham on Saturday 16th November between 11.00am - 3.00pm.

Gifts for everyone: Artisan crafts, OPI nails, Christmas gifts, hand-sewn accessories, homeware, Italian cashmere and lambswool knitwear, Phoenix cards, personalised cushions and gifts, Bare Innocence Face and Body products and candles, Polish Pottery, Dandy Urchins children's clothing, sweets hampers, Usborne Books, Farnham Country Market's produce and home-made cakes and many more.

Children's Activities: Professional face painting and a games room for the kids (to keep them occupied while you shop).

Refreshments: Hot chocolate, tea, coffee and soft drinks, cakes and biscuits. £1 entry for adults, children and grandparents free entry.

Come along & join in the fun.

If you can't make it then we're also in an auction with the Mayor of Godalming:

All the best, u-ni-k gifts!

Monday, 11 November 2013

Monday maker...Britte & Markus look to the future

Part three of our Monday Maker special on Sternengasse. Today Britte tells us of her hopes for the

What are your three most important advices to any upcoming crafter?

Just one: Do not lose courage.

Why are your pieces special?
The soon to be Grandmother!

Cause they are individually handmade with care, not made by CNC
so each piece has been carefully prepared & crafted by 
Markus and I.

In general what gifts or pieces do you like or dislike?

I like things made with love and character, things that give you a
special feeling when you handle them. Handmade gifts have the
warmth of the people that make them crafted into them with each

I dislike all others.

Can you tell us about a gift that you will never forget? 

My window sills are full of small presents and memories, but nothing
special. Each one gives me a special memory in its own way.

What do you have planned for the future?  

To become a grandma in December and create more toys and
decorations for everyone to enjoy.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Friday Funny... what they say isn't what they mean!

So we're all fans of Facebook eh? I think our online lives may be a little different to our real ones...

"I am sure everyone lies about their wonderful lives on it. So, here is my interpretation of what is really being said on Facebook…..

Wow..suitcase packed off on our lovely hols with my amazing husband and wonderful children
( I am shattered from being up all night packing for these lazy bastards….I want to drink wine already and its only 4am and we are not even at the airport yet)

Just cooked a lovely tea ( insert picture), can’t wait to snuggle down with my man and eat it!
(He's still in a pub... so I've warmed it up then put it on a plate so you will all think I am a domestic goddess)

Had the most amazing night with my lovely friends…
( spent most of the night complaining about lack of sleep, trying to stop desperately distraught friend from yelling abuse at inappropriate man, holding hair for ‘shots all night’ friend while she vomits up £40 worth of booze…..never again.)

Just had a lovely bath complete with candles!!
( had to wash as covered in mud and electricity ran out so was forced to use a candle.)

Enjoyed a lovely long walk with the dogs today!
( because the f*ckers ran off and it took me 5 miles to catch them.)

Had a lovely day with all the family today!
( what was lovely about it was when they went home)

Am off to see a lovely friend of mine I have not seen since school!
( hope she is fatter and looks older than me)

Spent a lovely afternoon making cakes with the kids!
( will now have to spend the rest of the week cleaning cake batter off the ceiling)

Can’t wait to hit the shops with my daughters today! Girlie shopping!
( goodbye salary hello strops and arguments – just kill me now)

Going to have a lovely relaxing early night!
( have to get to bed and asleep pronto, hubby feeling fruity, am not in mood so instigating avoidance tactics)"

For this wonderful post, we can thank Anna Matthews and her Rambling's and her group on Facebook. Anna, (not the u-ni-k gifts Anna) is a mum of two girls who likes to post the daily happenings of her life.....every single thing you will read actually did and has happened her. We hope you like her ramblings as much as we do.  

*taken from Anna's  Ramblings (Facebook open group)*
Click here to see more of her funny stories.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Teacup Tuesday, with a little help from the press

Press, Marketing & Advertising. 
Bleurgh!!! Always a dreaded subject for most makers. 
Nobody likes to tell the world they are great and what they make is even better!
Ok, there are the odd few, but generally it is rare.

As a company we don't tend to advertise. We have in the past and it hasn't been fruitful so we stopped. 

Instead we wrote to the journalists, papers and magazine directly to tell them of our special things. At this time of year if you are a maker it's a good idea to do the same. A small editorial or a little mention can make a flurry of sales and is great to let people know who you are and where to find your things.

So, Do a little homework. Find the magazines and newspapers that you feel your clients read. Make a list of those who write the articles and do the photo shoots you think your items would sit perfectly with. Write a press release explaining why your product is special and send it directly to the people who write the articles. We have been successful with this many times. Our products have been included in ST kids (The Telegraph) and Selvedge magazine, The Telegraph Christmas gift guide to name a few.

Remember magazine (long leads) plan and prepare their issues well in advance. In fact Christmas planning is in July! So if you plan to send a press release keep it to the short leads (short lead Magazines and Newspapers).

Have a try.
You never know when it may be a success. Look what luck we've had with our Christmas Press releases. 

Good Luck!

Guildford Insider- A lovely mention in the article
for the Godalming Independent Market
that we participate in.
The Telegraph- Christmas Gift Guide
Our stocking filler paper animals
Selvedge- issue 43
Christmas Gifts you'll Love
Our kantha stitched baby blankets

Familesse online magazine
Our wooden pull along toy.
Mother and Baby Magazine
Our paper Christmas creatures

Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday maker...Sternengasse inspiration!

The lovely Britte & Markus


Where do you find creative inspiration?


Which blogs or magazines do you read regularly & which would you count as an "inspirational read"?

We read the German magazine 'Landlust' which translates to 'Love of the Land'. Both Markus and I enjoy other magazines about outdoor photography & gardens. We're both very keen on the outdoors.
Some of the pages from inside this month's LandLust magazine

What makes you different, what inspires you to create unique pieces?

Britte & Markus answered:
We really don´t know

One of their lovely breakfast board designs!
But they are inspired by nature, and their family. Their company philosophy is:
Wood enriches life. Wood has soul and character. Wood lives – in diverse colours, with natural odours, and individual structures.

Wood provides subtle opportunities to create objects. This is where our philosophy originates. The Sternengasse team develops, manufactures and distributes wood products focusing on the preservation of the wood’s original character. In this way Sternengasse ensures that every product gains a distinctive individuality.

With experience and tradition, our love for wood, and a richness of ideas, we offer imaginative wood products, for a more natural, exciting and enjoyable, as well as easier and better life – true to our motto:
Sternengasse - Wooden-Toys-Craft for a more natural quality of life.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Friday Funny...

Last night, while trick or treating one of the party stopped walking.

He was done. His legs no longer worked...he looked a bit like this puppy. Toddlers eh?

My legs don't work. Carry me.

Have a great weekend.