Friday, 2 November 2012

Friday Funny

Something that made me chortle on Facebook yesterday. 
Courtesy of Jason Manford's facebook page (again)!

My Dad came into my room at 7am this morning while I was sat in bed with my daughters watching Disney's 'Beauty & the Beast' and started the following conversation.

"I feel a bit sorry for Belle""Why Dad?""Well she was just a peasant girl who fell in love with a beast who happened to be a Prince""Yeah so why do you feel sorry for her?"

"Because this story is set only a couple of decades before the French Revolution in 1789, 
so soon after this film finished her and her lovely Prince would've been caught up in the political upheaval of the day, the castle would've been taken over and the pair of them, no doubt hung in that very courtyard they're dancing and singing in right now" Open mouthed silence from us three.

"Don't listen to your Granddad girls"

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