Thursday, 15 November 2012

Thinking of snuggling under a blanket?

I'm just back from a quick holiday in Florida. The weather averaged about 27C and the skies were always blue!

Now that we're back, I feel that those long winter nights are definitely upon us, (in fact I started lighting the fire in the evening back in September).

As a family we're all blanket snugglers, Daddy likes the big silver furry blanket from the expensive shop on the Kings Road, Mummy likes her knitted cashmere blanket and DangerBaby likes her Shuktara Blanket as the roof of her 'tent' and her memory quilt as the floor, and her little person's duvet as the thing to sunggle under.

What would be your choice?

Shuktara blanket

Cosy cashmere knitted blanket

A handmade quilted blanket

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