Monday, 9 December 2013

Monday Maker.... A look back at the year

Well, we've had a whole year of Monday Makers, featuring some of our old and some of our new makers.

We've learnt a little about the people, a little about their creative journeys and a little about their lovely creations.

Here's a homage to some of my favourite pieces that we've featured this year!

Moose head coatrack

Loopy Larry!

Teddy memory box

Fill and Ted Best Book About Me

Forrest Friends from Mibo

Winnie's Pinnies

Rabbit breakfast board

Shuktara blankets in indigo blue

Bashful squirrel from Beetroot Press

This Shuktara blanket in particular is a big favourite of mine!

And like Maria from the Sound of Music... these all come gift wrapped, and then like one of her favourite things... 
they would be parcelled up in brown paper & tied up with string 

'And these are a few of my favourite things'

(I couldn't add ALL my favourite things as the blog would be too long)

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