Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Teacup Tuesday....a look back over a busy year

Well we were at the last Godalming Independent Market and for us that was the last public appearance of the year. It's been a busy year!!

This year we've increased the number of craft fayres we attend; because both Anna and I feel it's important to meet those people who buy our lovely gifts (well the makers lovely gifts) and receive feedback from those who come back for more!

We've met some lovely people along the way:

There was Ben, who wanted to be a Geologist just like me - he walked away with this lovely picture of a dinosaur!

There was Bump (who became a Tom) who was bought a Tiger Frog... he visited us a year on and fell in love with the bunny!

There was the family that bought snappy crocodile for their child minder (age not disclosed)

The lovely Rebecca that had her breakfast board for 30years and wanted one for each of her little ones (Naive and Harrison).

There was the grandparents to the boy that happened to be moving in around the corner from Sarah (you just can't make this stuff up) who fell in love with this train

The lovely Jan who needed something special for a young lady who liked reptiles - a special frog & snake memory box headed her way with a bossy panda hidden inside

The guys who know what they want - those that post Mibos to someone on the same day every year, and the fella who is collecting every animal of the breakfast boards (we'll let you know when the Hippos are back in!). We'll not mention any names but we'll keep sending you our offer emails!

We've sold out of most of our breakfast boards, pull along toys, mibo characters & memory boxes.
I've hung up my knitting needles and have moved on to some new projects... something for little hands & bigger hands to play with!
We've wrapped & posted over 100 gifts and sent them to over 10 different countries worldwide.
We've welcomed back old friends and gladly met new ones.

We're proud to still have received 100% positive customer feedback!

Beautiful. Practical. Handmade

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