Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A tidy house is a life not lived!

I am a Mum of two naughties. Not named naughties by me, but by the other half of unik, as apparently I frequently told Ida as a small infant “Don’t be naughty!”. She wasn’t particularly naughty but a phrase I continually said never the less. A worrying first Mum!

Becoming a Mum has been a massive learning curve.  Incredibly tough at times but a role I certainly adore and continually learn and strive to apply and teach myself whilst my children grow.
I wasn’t a gooey baby person before having children. Other peoples small babies quite honestly scared me half to death. But having children was a certainty for me as loosing my Dad many moons ago concreted the need to grow myself and spread the love quite literally. When you die, it’s not what you leave but who you leave that is important at the time. Apologies for being depressing but when I found out my Dad was very poorly, the very first thing I wanted to do was make sure he got to see his Grandchildren. Sadly something I wasn’t quick enough to ensure as I was a poor single  student. However,  I know that he looks over my little family in whatever way is appropriate for the time or situation everyday. He frequently makes me smile and giggle or shed a little tear despite leaving us over 9 years ago. I see him through butterflies fleeting through the garden as they did the Summer he died. Through songs he played loud on a Sunday morning. Loud radio playing is something I certainly do and encourage with my little ones. Or through silly little saying and phrases I constantly say just like he did. Most are pointless sayings but make me and my naughties smile nevertheless. It's simple life is too short to to share the love.

Like all other children (I hope),  my naughties are certainly loved much. These last few days my little ones have shown an empathy that I wasn’t sure they were mature enough to achieve yet. It has surprised me a little but has certainly been welcomed. Whether it be waking to to find a little one asleep beside me,  sneaking into my bed to ensure Mummy had someone to cuddle on the first night Daddy was away. Or making sure I had toys for the remaining nights to ensure I was cuddled. Or simply giving me kisses and cuddles when I have flagged or been tired.

So this Valentines day I will be celebrating love of a different kind. A unconditional love of a Parent and child. The love that makes you go gooey. And yes I do now go gooey  My littlest naughty certainly makes me  go weak at the knees at the drop of a hat. 
There is quite simply nothing like a cheeky wotsits love and cuddles.

Inspired by Valentines day and a  greetings card's wise words that  I saw in the Post Office today (that this blog is named after), I will be downing tools and getting scooters, hat and gloves  ready and going out to play on Valentines day. To celebrate being a Mum and my lovely unconditional little loves. 

Take a peek at our u-ni-k album, Unconditional lovehere.

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