Friday, 24 January 2014

It's Mummy's birthday... what would she like?

What does Mummy want for her birthday? Diamonds? Flowers?

It's Mummy's birthday and you know what she'd really like? She'd like a day where everyone helps make her feel a little appreciated, a little less busy. While little boxes of Tiffany diamonds would be nice... it'd be the little things that would mean so much more.

So try these things:

Tidy up after yourselves (you don't have to hoover & dust), don't clean the house - just make things look a little more presentable.

Play nice. Please, no drama that requires Mummy intervention or Mummy to become the fun police!

These little things would go a long way, but while we're asking for little things for our birthday:

Clear the dishes in the sink / empty the dishwasher / fill the dishwasher. It may not seem like much but a day without dishes is a real treat.

Cook or order something in! Us Mummies worry a lot about making sure our families are fed homecooked balanced meals, it'd be nice for someone else to worry about this one day of the year.

And while we're dreaming...

It'd be nice for Mummy to have a bath by herself, perhaps if at all possible with candles and a glass of something nice. She'll come out in her own time a new person... a much nicer person!

Actually it's my birthday...

If you've been following us on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn - it can't have escaped your notice that it'll be my birthday on Sunday. Yep, the famous 26th January (Australia Day) will mark the 30something year of my life!

This year I'll be inviting the other NCT Mummies over for a night of nibbles, drinks & crafts. We'll chat, stick, sew, glue and generally get creative without worrying about little hands in the paint, playdoh on the carpet, or children's scissors cutting things they shouldn't!

An evening of girly indulgence, maybe even with a movie! Bliss.

(Followers of the SarahD Photography facebook page will be pleased to know that I still plan to take my annual trip up to the Natural History Museum but on a day where DangerMouse is at nursery so an indulgence but not one that requires anyone else to make an effort!)

A little bit of planning

So make those homemade cards, bake some cupcakes (use a cake mix from your local supermarket if you have to!) and give Mummy some me time for her birthday.

A little bit of planning goes a long way! But to help you along, we're working on a section just for Mummies on our website,

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