Thursday, 10 January 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We welcomed news of the drop in temperature and the chance of snow in u-ni-k IT HQ. I'm a winter baby and love the snow, but I understand that I am in the minority as most people here in the UK don't like snow.

So for those Mummies that want to stay inside with the little ones and leave the cold white stuff to those of us who are crazy enough to be out playing in it. Here's a few items that will keep little ones amused inside!

Bobbing bunny or snappy crocodile!
These lovely toys can be pulled about to produce a lovely snappy snap or a hoppity hop that delights children of all ages. These toys are often walked about the craft fayres we visit, finding new homes with those that can't be parted from them.

For those a little more sedate (or not walking about yet) we have a selection of beautiful vehicles. Smaller hands prefer our cars while those with active imaginations love our horse and cart and the train  keeps many boys (young and old) happy for hours.

Really little ones enjoy squeezing, chewing and bashing our softies and mice.

For a more peaceful pursuit try reading our exciting tale  Insectissimo!

For the more arty and crafty amongst you there's hours of fun in making our Mibo characters.

We post by Special Delivery so your toys will be with you by the next day

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