Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Teacup tuesday, Entrepreneurial Mums

It’s Tuesday, and in our new 2013 blog format it’s the day we share what we talk about over a cuppa.
Today I share a little thought I’ve been continually having with myself since I had my babies.
Before I became a Mum I was totally unaware of all the Mummy makers, Mummy run businesses and Mumpreneurs out there! 
Then BANG...suddenly my world was filled with talented business women, wonderfully gifted makers and incredibly brave Mums. 

Don't get me wrong, every Mum deserves a BIG medal. We are great! Dads too!
But what is it that makes Mums in their busiest times of their lives, after giving birth and juggling Mummy hood and a new family structure,  suddenly go totally  MAD and decide to do it alone and start something brand new and scary.
Surely, We have no time!?
We have hardly any energy on bad days!?
We already have to multi multi task with our babies!
Our worlds have already been turned backwards and round the wrong way.
We have no spare hands.
And our brains have turned to mush.

So why? Is it really our Baby brains being scrambled that are to blame?
I have met so many talented Mummies and Daddies who have decided to go it alone.

Are we Insane to add to the mania?
Are we Crazy to add to our endless to do lists?
Do we really wish no sleep upon ourselves!?

For me it wasn’t really about juggling childcare needs or a need to be at home with my babies.
For me it was a need to do something for myself as well as for my children. I didn’t want to spend time working for someone else. I wanted to be responsible for my time and my own life.
I couldn’t spend any time that was taken from my children doing something I didn’t believe in. It was time wasted that I just couldn’t justify allocating time to if i didn't believe in it 100%. I suddenly felt sure and focused. My baby brain was most certainly mush but the other part was alive and ticking and needing satisfying. It was about my new responsibilities of becoming a Mum. And a need to nurture and look after. Looking after myself as well as my beautiful babies.

But sometimes  I do wonder why we all do it!?

For one I know I thoroughly enjoy the challenge. The responsibility of being my own boss. The need to satisfy only me and my business partner. I am lucky. I have a tremendously supportive partner and Mum and incredibly wonderful children. And Sarah and I work well together and alone. We feed each other brain food! And it seams to feed me. I Love it!

Surely with all the Mummy run , Mumpreneurs, Mummy crafters businesses I know and feel proud of knowing, we'll be taking over the world before you know it! That and all  the small independent businesses that put quality, originality and service before counting the big bucks at the end of the day!


*If you've done something similar,  Let me know what were your reasoning's. 
*Good luck to all Mums starting something new...it's brave and wonderful! Do it!  

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