Monday, 14 January 2013

We have a PLAN!

With the start of 2013, we have a plan!

  • To launch new lovely makers.
  • To launch new Mummy made (Sarah and I made) products.
  • To plan new exciting blogs to entice and explain who we are, who we love & what we do.
  • To introduce you to our maker friends. We don’t like to say Suppliers, as our makers are actually our friends!
  • To show you how wonderful our makers are, and how beautiful their processes of making are. 
  • To ensure we always stay fresh and true to or roots.

Our clipboards are at the ready. 
Our staplers and ink pens are full.

We have new lovely makers to launch very soon.
Sarah and I are busy cutting, stitching and snapping.
Our weekly blogging plan has been set and with the start of February on the horizon, it marks the beginning of our Monday Monthly Makers. Each month we choose a maker have a chat and gossip, delve in their workplace and understand what makes them special to unik.

We start off with Sarah and I and our crazy lives of juggling running a business, being Mums to crazy toddlers and crafting when we can.

But before all that starts I wanted to explain what makes us different from all the other baby gifts websites. 
We don’t sell nappy cakes. We don’t sell fleece blankets with embroidered names. 
We only sell unique things. 
Things to excite. 
Things to make the gift buyer just as excited as the receiver. 
We choose gifts to cherish, and be past from generation to generation.
We like to think we do all the hard work for you by selecting only gifts with the WOW factor.

We are u-ni-k and therefore many of our makers are just that too.
What we choose to showcase mostly cannot be found anywhere else.
We have become great friends with our makers,  establishing a strong friendship that has sprung new ideas and products.  Meaning we can bring extra special things that no other baby website has. Things that will be as unique as the baby you are buying for.

We are keeping true to our roots. We are very picky ladies. We are not like Notonthehighstreet. 
We don’t stay YES to every maker out there that approaches us. 
We want to make the buying experience as easy as possible. So, we whittle down to the bare minimum and only select the best.
We have plenty of things we are always searching for.
We wish for the perfect Non scary dolly. Unisex, soft and lovely.
We dream of a quick and easy Wendy house for everyone to play in.
We need the PERFECT teddy!
Our list is long and we are always looking for new & exciting things.

So mark Monday’s in the diary to meet our makers from February.
Monday will no longer be Monday mentor.
They have become Monday Monthly maker.

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