Thursday, 26 April 2012


From the moment a parent knows of their forthcoming child, the weight of the responsibility of your own child's little life being solely yours bears heavy on your shoulders. They aren't delivered with a Manuel especially for the child.We all know that babies cannot regulate their own temperature.  For parents, it’s a difficult thing to do for them without turning into a neurotic parent who checks their numerous thermostats every hour and trust the thermostat over their own instincts. Yes, I heard of a new Daddy that was sat in a baking hot room trusting a thermostat over his own common sense.
Even the Naughty's Great Nana was told when her baby was born (a December baby) that she must keep her new born warm. So on her first outing she overloaded the baby with blankets and hot water bottles. Perhaps a little too snug for comfort.
It's hard when your a new parent. Especially with the weather changing so frequently at the moment and the temperature taking frequent peeks and dives. So what do you do?

It is important to be aware of your child’s surroundings at all times. I was told that the rule of thumb was that baby needs one more layer then you wear.  A fairly easy thing to do when you with them all the time. If you’re going out and your putting on a coat, put theirs on and cover them with a small blanket. If your home and you take off a layer because you are warm, then do the same for your baby.
But at bedtime, what do you do? Fingers crossed your baby will sleep for hours on the trot without you in their room. There are thermostats that help warn you of sudden changes in temperature but it is also important to remember that your babies bedding may need a re-shuffle when the season changes.

In my household my baby boy has the luxury of sleeping under cashmere in the colder seasons. In the warm seasons he sleeps under cooling layers of cotton. Layers are perfect for both summer or winter as they keep you cool when it’s hot and trap warmth in when it’s cold.
Both cotton and cashmere are natural fabrics that are breathable. The most important factor when choosing bedding for your baby is that the fabric is natural, breathable and soft to touch. A baby doesn’t want something itchy and irritating to sleep with just like we wouldn’t. Never use a synthetic fabric, It holds heat too close to the skin and makes your baby sweat. Just think how you feel when you wear a paca mac.
Currently my little boy is still sleeping with his cashmere blanket. It's a gentle weight and not too densely knitted so it is perfect for this weather. He's lucky enough to have one of the cashmere blankets below. Lucky boy!

Here are unik’s special blankets. All made with love and perfect for little ones.

Cashmere blankets
Cotton blankets

Always remember that folding a blanket in half is the same as putting your child under two blankets.
When the seasons change, think about the weight of your babies/child's bedding. 

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