Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Party Ideas....

It's nearly our 1st Birthday and if it's nearly our Birthday then it's really close to being DangerBaby & The Naughty's birthdays as well.

So with the party spirit in the air I thought we should look a party theme that everyone can get behind:

Often overlooked as a 'theme', this is a simple but effective design 'trick' often used at weddings. Pick a colour for your party theme and then pick this colour up in your decorations, party outfits and food!

It doesn't have to be pink for a girl, blue for a boy! This year why not try a patriotic - Red, White &  Blue theme.

We have some decorative pieces, party clothes & gifts that can help out with this theme:

An array of Shuktara blankets, available in red, white & blue - perfect for those Spring & Summer picnics. Place one of these beautiful blankets on top of a plain white blanket to really set off its vintage sari pattern & colour.

Or give one of our Shuktara blankets as a gift. These chic vintage sari blankets are a firm favourite and are guaranteed to bring a squeal of delight from any parent.

Our handsmocked party clothes for children aged 0 - 5yrs makes any little one into the belle / beau of the ball. Dress your little one's in these lovely party clothes - but don't forget that camera! They'll be picture perfect in these wonderful creations:

For those parents that are more aware of the benefits of upcycling, there's a lovely array of Ta Daa clothes fashioned from the best french linen & cotton:

Looking for handmade gift inspiration?

Well our Larry the Lamb is supporting a very tidy red scarf & he's white to boot. Knitted in bamboo, both Larry & his scarf are soft for baby ( and washing machine friendly!)

We have a blue dragon, perfect for those little boys born this year (see Anna's blog post about 2012 being the year of the water dragon).

The beautifully printed Insectissimo book cover is a vivid blue & white. Enjoy the story & its wonderful illustrations.

If you want to go that extra mile - take a look at Anna's blog about making bunting. There's nothing like a bit of personalised bunting to make a party look extra special!

Above all, enjoy the party and take lots of photos!

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