Monday, 2 April 2012

Recycling Packaging

I read an article in the newspapers over the weekend about Easter eggs.
Apparently Chocolate companies are being scolded for the waste packaging created by gift boxed eggs at Easter.

Image taken from The Mail on Sunday

The Chocolate Easter egg takes up only 38% of the box it is packaged in. On Easter Sunday the box is ripped off and the chocolate is gobbled leaving the dustbin men a lot more cardboard to collect with the next rubbish collection as most of the cardboard used is not recyclable. Most eggs are packaged with a box and plastic mould to keep the egg in place inside the box. Plus an additional plastic/cardboard container holding the additional chocolates is used.  Chocolate manufacturers are being urged to slim down on the packaging produced for Easter eggs.

As an greener alternative, perhaps they should look to our solution of packaging their gifts. Where possible we use  ancient art of Japanese textile wrapping to present our gifts. This provides a dual purpose to protect and to wrap the purchase. 

Why do we use furoshiki? 
It is beautiful, reusable and kind to the environment (each year tonnes of plastic bags end up as litter and spends decades in landfills; reusable material, such as furoshiki can help reduce this waste). It's versatile, which allows us to wrap almost anything regardless of its shape or size. Furoshiki uses techniques similar to origami, with stunning results. We add the final flurish of a silk ribbon and our compliments/gift tag for you to write a personal message to the recipient. The end result is beautiful as well as functional. Since we're not ones to waste, please remember that the cotton is yours and could be used again as a scarf, a burp cloth or a babies comfort blanket.

We always gift wrap every product that leaves u_ni_k so that you can give it to it's new owner exactly how you receive it! We wrap it without stickers or sellotape so that you can peek inside without disturbing the wrapping too much!!

Our Easter gifts are gifts that last a lot longer then the chocolate Easter eggs available in the Supermarkets. 
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