Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Wiggle and Bop

I am very much a music listener. Whether it be my car radio, my DAB radio in my kitchen which normally has 6music blaring out or my IPOD.

Music has been a massive part of both my children’s lives. From an early age I made sure Ida knew it was normal to play music loudly and it was normal to bob, prance and wiggle to music. Ida is well known for her shimmy shimmy moves.
I myself grew up listening to my Mum and Dad’s music collection normally very very loudly and feel that I grew enormously as a person through listening and understanding their music tastes and preferences. When pregnant with Ida I contemplated on buying lullaby’s and soothing songs but remembered that my parents had used soothing songs from my Dad’s record collection rather then music specifically for a child. These songs are still very dear to my heart. My younger sister has a love of Al Green that comes from being rocked to sleep when a baby to his soothing tones.

So when listening to Laura Veirs on the Lauren Laverne’s 6Music radio show whilst making my naughties lunch I fell a little in love with the musical sounds coming out of the radio. And more importantly my two naughties seamed to bob and smile to the music too!
So today I share a little love I have found for women that sings age old nursery rhymes with a little banjo, brass, fiddle and dusty piano. Her love of  children's folk songs along with skipping songs, clapping, playground chants and long forgotten childhood lyrics fit beautifully.

So if your wanting to break the monotony of singing “The Wheels on the Bus” on every journey to Tesco’s have a listen here.
She's even won a Parent's choice award in America!

I absolutely ADORE it

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