Tuesday, 11 December 2012

A First Christmas

A First Christmas is important.
Important to Mums & Dads.
Important to babies...we look back at our first gifts as treasures when we are big and grown up.
First Christmas gifts are to be treasured, kept and looked back upon.
A first Christmas present is a gift that is cherished and handed onto a future sibling or a future family member.

Here is some ideas of first Christmas gifts that we thought we should share with you.

A Traditional wooden car
A hand knitted softie

A porcelain Breakfast set

A Crystal rainbow maker
A Cashmere sweater

A Traditional wooden pull along
A First baby blanket

A Special cashmere blanket
A Hallmarked silver nappy pin

A Personalised Memory box

A Wooden pull along toy

Happy First Christmas to all the little babies sharing their first festive season with new Mums & Dads.
Especially to all the little ones I know who will be celebrating Christmas this year!

Happy  special Christmas!
Happy special memories.

A First Train set


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