Friday, 7 December 2012

Friday Funny- Super hero babies!

For Mummies of babies who think they are super hero's!
Those into everything....
Like Danger-baby and Sam Sam Bam Sam.

* Our ever so talented friend @Kev_Brett illustrates these wonderful comic strips.
Visit his humorous illustrations and daily snippets at his website facebook page and etsy shop.
Commissions are available.


  1. Yep DangerBaby and her belief that she can climb anything, fly over anything and generally escape unscathed from life threatening situations!

  2. Thanks for using my little strip!
    Kids are awesome, ESPECIALLY when they're being superheroes!!!!

  3. A pleasure. Sarah and I love what you do.
    And yes Super hero babies are brilliant! If a little scary for parents!
    Can't wait till my two are dressed as Spiderman and Superman!
    Anna & Sarah x