Thursday, 13 December 2012

Cuddly cashmere...

Ida wearing the jumper Sam wore yesterday
Yesterday was the little ones Christmas Party (Anna and I met at NCT and we've remained friends with the group ever since) and we all put on our glad rags to go and play at Italian Stallions house!

Now all the little ones looked especially dashing in their party clothes, the show was stolen by Anna's youngest naughty, SamSam.

Sam turned up, with his light blonde hair glistening in the winter sunshine tousled by the windy journey from the car to the door. A big smile on his face and draped in silver cashmere!

He was wearing one of Yarmood's children's jumpers (I want an adult sized one and one for DangerBaby) and he looked like he'd just stepped out of a fashion shoot.

Now I didn't have my camera to hand (eeek!) but you'll have to use your imagination!

A younger shot of Sam in his jumper
The soft roll neckline and cuffs of these jumpers mean that the jumper is free to move with the child in a way that is sympathetic to them. Hence creating the effect usually only seen on fashion shoots and in movies. The soft cashmere was keeping him warm (too warm for the very well heated house, so the jumper soon came off) and the design of the jumper made SamSam look very dashing indeed.

Now I've seen Ida & Sam wear the jumper over the past 2 (nearly 3 years) and it still looks as good as it did when I saw them wear it for the very first time!

So for a stylish, practical gift that lasts; a cashmere baby jumper is a perfect gift to open on a cold and crispy Christmas morning.

Cashmere jumpers are available here

(Sam is wearing silver, but as a baby he's wearing linen. The otter colour is the same colour of warm fudge)

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