Saturday, 14 September 2013

A passion for reading... not only has lovely toys & nursery pieces, it also features books. This is because Anna & I LOVE books & as keen readers we are hoping to pass this on to our little ones!

As an IT geek many of my friends & family are flabbergasted that I don't own an electronic device for my passion (not mentioning any names or trademarks here but I think you know). Surely the lady who owns a smart phone, a pro laptop & provides IT support for her family, her in-law family, her neighbours (the more elderly one) & who taught herself HTML & PHP while up with an awake crying baby would JUMP at the chance to pick up the next evolution of books? Surely she would? No???

No. And I don't believe those electronic devices are the next evolutionary step for books either, but that's a WHOLE other blog so I shall not digress.

There's a lot to be said for books that the electronic devices don't have. For starters there's the illustrations - our very own Victoria Plum drawings are the originals from one of the books about her. These illustrations make the story come alive for those that struggle to read the words. My little one will often guess what's happening next in the story because there's a delicate illustration there to show her. Some of the really old, beyond rescuing story books, have illustrations that can be framed as a lovely momento of a well loved story.

The smell of the book. Who hasn't walked into a large
old library & just stood there breathing in the smell of ancient leather bound books & knowledge? There's a magical muster that comes with a book, as if the writer & publisher added the sense of excitement & wonder that produces this magical scent. If you don't believe me then watch Disney's Beauty & The Beast - Belle knows she's in a library even before she opens her eyes (look who she breathes in the smell!).

The feel of a book. Pages are fabulous & it's a joy to turn them. Hence the phrase... it's a real page turner (this is now sadly used to describe films more than books). There's no way to describe the satisfaction of holding a book in your hand, turning the pages & coming to that point where you have read so much of the book that it sits comfortably in your hand & gives you a sense of accomplishment at how far you and the characters of the book have come. Also a twinge of sadness as you can feel there's only a shorter volume of time you'll spend together in the rest of this adventure.

So encourage your child to read, not with electronic devices (they have enough time with them for playing & watching things), but with books. Real books. Choose one of our delightful stories to help them on their way.

You never know, they like Belle could be starting a really big adventure in the world of reading!
Pop over to and see which story adventure you'd like to take with your little one.

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