Thursday, 5 September 2013

Looking for inspiration...

Did you know that we are also on Pinterest? We joined when we started noticing people pinning our pictures on to their 'For baby...' or 'Love this!' boards.

Ever since we've become a little addicted. We find it a great place for inspiration, in fact we even have a board dedicated to inspiration!

Here Anna & I collect images, places, people and artwork that inspires us! We search the web on a regular basis looking for that extra special something to add to our u-ni-k family, and sometimes we find something that we can't add to our family (it's owned by someone else for instance) so we 'pin it' to our board

 This painting by Goro Fujita is wonderful, it inspires me to think out of the box. Who says little girls are afraid of monsters that live under the bed? This little girl certainly isn't and they're teaming up to read after lights out... a match made in heaven. I love this picture, the more I look at it the more I notice and the more I love it.

 This picture is from an unknown source (which makes me a little sad as I'd like to be able to credit the photographer or owner of these lovely animals). It inspires me to treat all little creatures with kindness, sometimes we forget how much taller we are than those smaller ones around us. Without a little tenderness we could be imposing, so this picture inspires me to try to be a little less imposing to smaller people.

This picture is my idea of heaven, books, peace, quiet, comfort, writing desk, surrounded by warm, worn wood.
Just wonderful.

We have these pins and many more over at our Pinterest site. Why now come over and check out some of the things we have found? Follow us for Inspiration or Mummy humour!

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