Saturday, 14 September 2013

Monday Maker... Wouldn't it be lovely

I'm currently on the hunt for us Mummies. I really want to start a Mummy section of the website, and while I have some lovely Shuktara blankets for us - I don't really want to put up a section where they are there... all by themselves!

So I'm looking for jewellery makers, scarf makers, dress makers, shoe makers, hat makers, soap & beauty lotion makers... Any makers that would fit in with our lovely website but for Mummies instead of children!

I've found some makers I'd love to work with, but although I like their stuff... I need to know if you like their stuff as well!

Scarves & Throws - Laura's Loom:
Laura works in the Yorkshire Dales, weaving in a former spinning & weaving mill that's been converted into a vibrant Arts & Heritage centre.

She uses natural materials and is inspired by the colours she sees around her.

I've not been up to see the mill or her work but I LOVED going through her website, looking at her products.

I've already mentally purchased one of her throws for my guest bedroom... Go and see for yourself:

Beauty products - The Littlecote Soap Co

There's so many handmade, UK based beauty product makers out there, I'm finding it hard to choose just one. Although I love the idea of bathing in G&T...

Seems I'm not alone as the Littlecote Soap Co has a whole range devoted to my favourite tipple (well not my favourite tipple perhaps second favourite tipple after vintage champagne but I don't get to drink that very often!)


Diamonds are a girl's best friend! I'm not one for wearing much jewellery but even I stop to look at diamond earings & eternity rings. I'm a complete sucker for champagne diamonds (not very common at all but I love their subtle colours... google them and look at the images!). However, this jeweller in Glasgow has caught my eye with his wonderful take on all things sparkly. Wouldn't it be lovely to own one of his creations...

OK OK so not everyone's first thought of call when thinking of gifts for Mummies but stay with me on this one...what Mum doesn't like to sink into a freshly made bed? Now add to that feeling the luxury of 800tc (tc = thread count) cool crisp clean cotton? Bedding is one of my must have luxury items, of which there are not many as luxury isn't something us Mum's have a lot of, I love a freshly made bed. I really struggle to find UK bedding makers. Especially ones that deal in 800 thread count (If you want to know why thread count is important email me!). But The White Company does bedding sets in a wonderful white in a 800tc... if only there were a small maker.

I love photo frames, especially vintage or preloved photoframes. There's something about a mixture of frames providing a gallery feel to your treasured family moments. It's not only photos that can be framed but 'treasures' gathered by your little ones (I've framed the beach 'treasures' DangerMouse has collected and brought to show me over the years they're proudly framed & mounted in the family bathroom for all to see). So providing a source of beautiful frames & other luxury housewares would be another gift category for us to have.

Other homewares could include jewellery boxes, soft furnishings, bookends... you name it we could stock it!

What happens next...

Well I'm going to finalise my list of makers that I'd like us to work with and organise a sit down chat with Anna. No doubt Anna will have a list of fabulous makers that she wants to work with as well. Will sit down and chat over a cuppa & discuss who we both love and try to convince each other who's makers are the best to approach (we sometimes differ when the crafts people we've found make the same type of products!).

Once we've whittled down the list we'll approach the makers with the idea of joining the u-ni-k website. Some will, some wont. But rest assured we'll be working behind the scenes to bring you the best in handmade unique Mummies gifts!

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