Monday, 23 September 2013

Monady Maker... making things

While we are waiting for some of our makers to fill out the questionnaire for our Monday Maker series (it's a busy time of year for us makers as we are preparing for Christmas; we need lots of time to make enough stock for Christmas), I'm going to take this chance to indulge myself in my favourite pieces we've featured so far.

Beetroot Press – Squirrel Print

While we are 'barmy about bunnies' here at u-ni-k I've chosen the Beetroot Press squirrel over the rabbit because of it's soft facial expression. I love the intricate detail of it's bushy tail, and the way it is cuddling rather than clutching the acorn. The posture, facial expression & extra large cheeks of this print give me a feeling of calm, warmth & protection. Perfect sentiments for a child's bedroom; which is why the squirrel print Anna's Naughties gave DangerMouse is proudly up in her room!

U-ni-k Anna – Bunny box

So rabbit's were going to feature on this list somewhere...and these lovely decoupage rabbits hold both the flighty nature of wild rabbits with the mischievous curiosity of Beatrix Potter's famous naughty rabbit Peter! A memory box is a lovely idea for keeping treasures, items that spark memories of days gone by, happy moments brought back to life by a token of the time.

Shuktara – Blues baby blanket

It's very hard to put this blanket up for sale on the website ( but both Anna & I agree that we can't buy all our stock. You'll often find us typing / saying 'must not buy the stock, not must buy the stock' when unpacking for a craft fayre or handmade market. DangerMouse has a wonderful red blanket already, and while her bedroom colours are blues I can't justify a second blanket just because I love the colours....or can I?

U-ni-k Sarah – Bert Bunny

While I love all my softies, my latest addition Bert is becoming my favourite. There's something about this bunny that makes me smile. Come and find me in person at one of our u-ni-k handmade markets for me to tell you his story (all the softies have back stories!). Bert's is for your ears only...chuckle chuckle.

Lucy Litchfield - Lavender Mice

These mice are so sweet & deliciously handmade. The choice of corresponding fabrics is amazing & all carefully selected by Lucy herself. I love the fact that these are upcycled from materials that have already had a life (like our Shuktara blankets). The gentle smell of lavender is calming & perfect for calming even the most ardent bedtime avoider (which is why most baby bath washes & bubbles use lavender).

All of these items are available at 

(If you'd like any for Christmas please make sure you order in good time to avoid disappointment)

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