Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday maker...Sternengasse inspiration!

The lovely Britte & Markus


Where do you find creative inspiration?


Which blogs or magazines do you read regularly & which would you count as an "inspirational read"?

We read the German magazine 'Landlust' which translates to 'Love of the Land'. Both Markus and I enjoy other magazines about outdoor photography & gardens. We're both very keen on the outdoors.
Some of the pages from inside this month's LandLust magazine

What makes you different, what inspires you to create unique pieces?

Britte & Markus answered:
We really don´t know

One of their lovely breakfast board designs!
But they are inspired by nature, and their family. Their company philosophy is:
Wood enriches life. Wood has soul and character. Wood lives – in diverse colours, with natural odours, and individual structures.

Wood provides subtle opportunities to create objects. This is where our philosophy originates. The Sternengasse team develops, manufactures and distributes wood products focusing on the preservation of the wood’s original character. In this way Sternengasse ensures that every product gains a distinctive individuality.

With experience and tradition, our love for wood, and a richness of ideas, we offer imaginative wood products, for a more natural, exciting and enjoyable, as well as easier and better life – true to our motto:
Sternengasse - Wooden-Toys-Craft for a more natural quality of life.

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