Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Teacup Tuesday, with a little help from the press

Press, Marketing & Advertising. 
Bleurgh!!! Always a dreaded subject for most makers. 
Nobody likes to tell the world they are great and what they make is even better!
Ok, there are the odd few, but generally it is rare.

As a company we don't tend to advertise. We have in the past and it hasn't been fruitful so we stopped. 

Instead we wrote to the journalists, papers and magazine directly to tell them of our special things. At this time of year if you are a maker it's a good idea to do the same. A small editorial or a little mention can make a flurry of sales and is great to let people know who you are and where to find your things.

So, Do a little homework. Find the magazines and newspapers that you feel your clients read. Make a list of those who write the articles and do the photo shoots you think your items would sit perfectly with. Write a press release explaining why your product is special and send it directly to the people who write the articles. We have been successful with this many times. Our products have been included in ST kids (The Telegraph) and Selvedge magazine, The Telegraph Christmas gift guide to name a few.

Remember magazine (long leads) plan and prepare their issues well in advance. In fact Christmas planning is in July! So if you plan to send a press release keep it to the short leads (short lead Magazines and Newspapers).

Have a try.
You never know when it may be a success. Look what luck we've had with our Christmas Press releases. 

Good Luck!

Guildford Insider- A lovely mention in the article
for the Godalming Independent Market
that we participate in.
The Telegraph- Christmas Gift Guide
Our stocking filler paper animals
Selvedge- issue 43
Christmas Gifts you'll Love
Our kantha stitched baby blankets

Familesse online magazine
Our wooden pull along toy.
Mother and Baby Magazine
Our paper Christmas creatures

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