Tuesday, 26 November 2013

All wrapped up!

Christmas time. A time of wrappings, bows and tape.
Unless your thrifty, most ends up in the bin.  
The moment of a beautifully wrapped present is soon a crumpled crunchy pile.
Being given a present and unwrapping it is almost as exciting as the gift itself. So we choose to wrap our gifts beautifully. Going the extra mile to make the gift precious and wanted before it is even opened.
We use methods of furoshiki to wrap our gifts.
It is beautiful, reusable and kind to the environment (each year tonnes of plastic bags end up as litter and spends decades in landfills. Reusable material, such as furoshiki can help reduce this waste. It's versatile, which allows us to wrap almost anything regardless of its shape or size. Furoshiki uses techniques similar to origami, with stunning results. We add the final flourish of a silk ribbon and our compliments/gift tag for you to write a personal message to the recipient. The end result is beautiful as well as functional. Since we're not ones to waste, please remember that the cotton is yours and could be used again as a scarf, a burp cloth or a babies comfort blanket.

We always gift wrap every product that leaves u_ni_k so that you can give it to it's new owner exactly how you receive it! We wrap it without stickers or sellotape so that you can peek inside without disturbing the wrapping too much!!

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