Monday, 11 November 2013

Monday maker...Britte & Markus look to the future

Part three of our Monday Maker special on Sternengasse. Today Britte tells us of her hopes for the

What are your three most important advices to any upcoming crafter?

Just one: Do not lose courage.

Why are your pieces special?
The soon to be Grandmother!

Cause they are individually handmade with care, not made by CNC
so each piece has been carefully prepared & crafted by 
Markus and I.

In general what gifts or pieces do you like or dislike?

I like things made with love and character, things that give you a
special feeling when you handle them. Handmade gifts have the
warmth of the people that make them crafted into them with each

I dislike all others.

Can you tell us about a gift that you will never forget? 

My window sills are full of small presents and memories, but nothing
special. Each one gives me a special memory in its own way.

What do you have planned for the future?  

To become a grandma in December and create more toys and
decorations for everyone to enjoy.

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