Monday, 30 May 2011

Is it me or do all Dr's become handsome when they say 'your child is going to be fine'?

Launch day could have gone better. Betcha money I don't have that most launch days aren't done in Paediatric A&E? Well apart from ones that are about paediatric emergency medicine...

Anna has carried all her babies (The Naughty, The Bump & u_ni_k) today. She deserves a medal. Perhaps I'll make her one in my non existent free time.

Why did I leave her in the lurch?? Well, because a well meaning NHS Direct nurse said - SHE MUST SEE A DR TODAY!

So Daddy DayCare, DangerBaby and I have spent the day in and out of hospitals. Yep The Spots, Calamine Lotion, BunnyBunny, WoofyDog and the only clean romper I could find at short notice went on a tour of Surrey's finest hospitals.

End result - antibiotics for the infected few spots and a very handsome young Dr who specialises in babies saying the magic words 'your baby is going to be fine'.

Did I mention the handsome dr?? There I am, stressed out crazy Mummy with hair (slightly green after changing the home hair dye to a new brand) not brushed, no make up on, smeared in calamine lotion, and wearing the fat jeans (couldn't find a belt and all other avocado covered jeans in Mt Washing somewhere) around my lower hips coz today wasn't a fat day.. and in walks young, clean, handsome baby dr.

Taking one look at me, handsome Dr says.."and this is your second child..?".

DangerBaby is our first.

I am never, ever, ever leaving the house without wearing spanx, make up and at least taming the mane into a ponytail ever ever again. EVER.

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