Saturday, 28 May 2011

We must be mad...

So it's official we'll be open for business on Monday. I expect we'll be flat out taking and making calls from all our potential customers...(fingers crossed).
It's all go, go, go here at u_ni_k and when we're not busy finding those fabulous products, we're keeping ourselves busy.
Anna and her family moved house a few weeks ago (and at 29+ weeks pregnant that's no mean feat!) and are currently trying to unpack, manage the tetter-tottering "Ida The Naughty", make the jungle (garden) baby/toddler friendly (they recently discovered a very old and stagnant pond eek!), and plant those tasty veggies ready for harvest in September. Oh and hold down the day job and start up a new company. All in a days work for a superhero (aka Mum).
Sarah & the Crazies thankfully finished their house renovations late last year, so we're just trying to de-buildermen the garden. This week has been normal run of the mill bonkers; DangerBaby went from crawling to walking in one swift movement. None of this; "stand ... see if I can balance" malarky.. nope just "I found this in the ironing pile Mummy, do you want it?" pick up a bath mat and walk 3m across the room to Mummy. Crazy Davies Mummy needed a lie down that day. 2 days later, after hosting a lovely Mummy Club day, DangerBaby breaks out in itchy blisters. Yep Chicken pox at 13months. Time to phone the Mummy Club Mummies, bet this means we'll be thrown out of the club now!
So instead of taking the well earned and much needed rest, Anna and Sarah are launching u_ni_k this week. First 10 customers will receive one of our lovely gift vouchers to redeem against a future purchase. We'll be giving away the money we don't yet have. We must be mad...

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  1. Wishing you all the success in your new business - the products all look amazingly wonderful x