Tuesday, 31 May 2011

All promises.. no trousers!

Well they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions and today I could quite believe them. It started out a day full of promises and not quite one of them has come into fruition.'All promises and no trousers' as I like to say.

Anna and I had planned to meet in Woking for a meeting (insert "chat over a coffee" for the word 'meeting' from this point onwards) and to go over some admin. We have our first official customer and this meeting could cement our sales processes that we have agreed but are still very much 'in theory'. But Anna needs hot water in her new home so she stayed in waiting for new plumbing parts (I'm not brave enough to insert a joke here about her being pregnant and needing new plumbing but one day I will be). So our meeting was postponed until Friday. Then I find out the lovely Old Rectory blankets were delivered to her new address... "plumbing parts" indeed!

So I went on the great customer hunt! Yes those illusive beings that are lurking out there somewhere like mythical beings (fairies or gnomes perhaps?). Having managed to find someone interested in purchasing one of the lovely kantha blankets from www.unikgifts.co.uk I spent today hoping DangerBaby would sleep so that I could make that all important call. All went well as she napped at lunchtime - perfect, the 'customer' would be available and near a communication device... The lunch hour was full of promise and sales opportunities! BUT noooo foiled by the pesky invention of voicemail.

At least aforementioned pesky voicemail let me gaze at the ceiling while leaving a message...which is when I spotted the skylight had leaked in the recent rain. Hence the call to Paul the Carpenter, who had promised to come round for lunch and never appeared. Oh well he's all promises and no trousers, a bit like today really!

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  1. Good luck ladies with your new exciting business venture, it's all looking great x