Sunday, 29 May 2011

Spots everywhere...

Well I've been slogging away all day in the cold (north facing and gable), dark (again north facing but the blinds are down - it helps hide the dust), and techno-gadget filled study. Putting the final touches to the website for launch tomorrow.

Launching a website is a bit like having coursework, it seems that you have it all done - and then some friendly well meaning people point out 14 pages worth of corrections and it seems that you are back at square two (not quite square one as you have something to correct!).

So I'm screen blind, and if I look away from the lovely shiny laptop all I can see is spots. This maybe because DangerBaby has very very very many chicken pox spots (awwwww bless her little cotton socks) or because working in a cold, dark, gadget cave (study) on a shiny laptop does more harm than good to your eyes.

Then again I may have seen too much of CBeebies lately - as that seems to be full of spots as well: Mr. Tumble's spotty bag, The WotWots are spotty, as well as those little dancing yellow bean bag things. Nope definitely probably more to do with the very itchy spotty poorly DangerBaby.

Better go and make an appearance so that Daddy DayCare knows I'm still alive.

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  1. Loving the fact Ale follows this blog now that she's had a mention. Perhaps that's how you find followers... you mention them in the blog?