Friday, 27 May 2011

Sooo excited

Anna and Ida are coming over. They're bringing some of the u_ni_k items with them and we're going to start our launch plan. Oooohhhh exciting.

DangerBaby is upstairs with Daddy DayCare making themselves sort of presentable after Marmite & toast facials (DangerBaby had the facial not Daddy DayCare). While here at u_ni_k IT geek central it's still PJs and cold coffee time as I try to sort out all the remaining bits and pieces ready for Anna and I to agree it's all systems go.

So let's do our final checks:
>> Does the house looks like hurricane DangerBaby has been and reeked havoc? CHECK
>> Champagne in the fridge? CHECK
>> Is everyone clean and presentable? Errr.. better go!

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