Thursday, 2 May 2013

Preparation, preparation, preparation!


I have 16+ toddlers descending on the house this weekend (eeek!) for DangerMouse's third birthday! The usual number of toddlers has risen dramatically since DangerMouse now has friends at her playgroup... and DangerMouse being DangerMouse the theme is "Messy Play"

So fingers crossed for good weather! But sunshine aside... as with anything I do behind the scenes there's planning, lists, and above all preparations!

The painting table will be near the handwash station (warm bucket of water & a towel on a garden chair), in fact the handwash station will be between the painting & bouncy castle (a little at home one rather than a hired big one!). Jellied water will be near the playdoh (it'll never dry out) and neither of these will be near the sandpit!

Chalks & Drawing cardboard house will be near each other but not too near the wooden wendy house. None of these activities will be near the food!

Sarah's asked about allergies, and sent the invitations out two weeks in advance, the party bags arrive today and the bunting & balloons are out. The food shop is all listed out & ready to be bought tomorrow.

Fingers crossed all this preparation will pay off!

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