Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Teacup tuesday- The element of surprise

I have spent the weekend celebrating my daughters third birthday.
A lovely weekend of sunshine (thankfully), fun, silliness, building endless presents, playing with them all, eating cake and seeing family and friends.

Birthdays are lovely……a day to be treated, have fun and switch off. A day where you can be spoilt without feeling guilty.

My daughter has been listing all the things she dreams of since Christmas was over. A slide, ice cream, cake, a horsey. The list got longer, then things got forgotten and things were omitted.  She spent the week leading up to her birthday practising the Happy Birthday song.  She talked of cake, presents and shone with the bubbly feeling you get as a child. As a three year old, the waiting and surprise is nearly as wonderful as the day itself. Just like Christmas the excitement of birthdays is magical.

The magic of going to bed the night before and wondering what the next day will bring. The waking up, wondering what’s underneath the pretty wrapped paper. The joy of seeing what you had hoped for. The brimming of excitement. The colours and wrappings. It's exciting!

UNTIL, a grown up, who should know better, ruined the surprise of one of her presents by telling her that the postman had just delivered her main present two days before. Thinking only of themselves and their own self-importance.

Perhaps I am over exaggerating…. Perhaps I live in a little bubble. But I honestly think and truly believe that at the age of 3 the magic behind birthdays is special. Really special.

I love surprises and think it's what makes Birthdays and Christmas extra special. So for me it's extra special to make sure things are surprises. To make sure you wake up and see the magic.

So, Grown ups please don’t spoil it!!

*We gift wrap everything at u-ni-k gifts to ensure every gift given is a treat and extra special. A gift
with the WOW factor!


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