Monday, 13 May 2013

Monday Maker David and his u-ni-k blankets

David makes beautiful cotton blankets & scarves. 
For us, he makes baby blankets. 
The idea originated from his lovely blankets given to myself when my daughter was born almost 3 years ago.

Each blanket is made from 100% breathable cotton layers
Each is Hand stitched from recycled saris
Each measures approx 90cm x 90cm
Machine washable, Do not tumble dry

Here are a few that have already found happy homes.

Elsie's 1st blanket Elsie's parents are BIG fans of kantha blankets. They already had a beautiful one they bought long before she arrived. This is the one they chose, a balance of beautiful tiny blue flowers perfect for a boy and girl

Here are a few that were custom made to order.

Elsie's made to order

As Elsie's parents are BIG fans of kantha blankets, this blanket was commissioned for her as a gift when she was born. The likes and dislikes of the parents were sent to David and he chose a simple selection of flowers pre stitched to choose from. A larger single size was chosen over a baby size, so Elsie could always have and love her blanket with her. A blanket to roll over on as a baby, a blanket to take to University to remind her of home and a blanket to put over her knees when she becomes older.

Primroses blanket
Primrose was born on a beautiful sunny February afternoon. Her parents didn't know if if she was a girl or a boy but somehow this blanket was perfectly chosen for her without knowing. By just knowing the parents very well.
She loves her blanket and at just 1 year old her Mummy has said that her beautiful kantha blanket was one of the things that helped her sleep through. By laying the light weight blanket over her sleeping bag kept her snug and warm during the winter months and helped her sleep through the night.

Winfred's blankets

You've all met Winnie. Winnie's Mum is our newest maker. When Winifred was due, her Mum and Dad wanted to be surprised by her sex. So a blanket suitable for a girl and a boy was chosen. Her parents were described to David and the two blankets below are what was made as a result. Much loved and growing ore beautiful with age just like Winifred. 

Ella-Rose blanket

To see our blankets available click here
To commission a very special blanket click here 

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