Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Teacup Tuesday... distance working

Anna & I are trying to physically meet up rather than talk on the phone / email / text. Which is turning out to be harder than we imagined! Our children have had different lurgies (and we've tried to not infect each other's families), we've had car availability issues, we've had families / guests / unexpected visitors turn up and scupper our pencilled in plans!

I always try to phone Anna once a week - but usually end up talking to her voicemail. As she has 2 naughties fighting for her time & attention, I don't take it personally if she doesn't call me back!

Likewise (I think) she doesn't take it personally if I don't respond to an email straight away (I have 5 email accounts so it's easy to file something away 'to respond to' and not find it when I have time to respond).

I squirrel away working on new website pages - updating the navigation, wording, prices, etc. Often working late into the night, & when coming out of the background workings of our website I often see 3 or 4 emails from Anna. Although I read them, sometimes I'm so tired I leave the response for the next day (after I've coffee'd & seen to DangerMouse).

So this distance working is hard, it takes patience & understanding from both people. Also the ability to read between the lines - sometimes an email is short & to the point not because the person on the other end is upset but because the dinner is boiling over & the kid is screaming for attention pulling at the leg of the email author.

One day we'll meet up over a coffee (me) / tea (Anna), and perhaps even make time to chat about our gardens / builders / families as well as u-ni-k!

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