Monday, 27 May 2013

Teacup Tuesday, unwanted guests

Most of you who know me will know my house was broken into last week. A little trip out turned into the biggest nightmare. We returned to an upside down house with every portable electrical appliance gone forever. Old old phones, old cameras, chargers, lovely laptops, our luxury IPad mini and the lovely family camera with photos still to upload were all taken.

Lovely friends and family came to the rescue, dropping things they had planned, to help out while our home was out if bounds as forensics took prints and statements were taken.

My lovely business partner toured Surrey the day after looking for a power cable for her old laptop ensuring I wouldn't crumble without my trusted technology I use to joint run u-ni-k and my other market venture.
My sister raced to ours the day of the break in to entertain the naughties while my partner and I dealt with the police and aftermath. My other Part-time job understood when I took the day off to cleanse my house free of nasty intruders and my lovely Mum allowed me to do it child free.

All I have to say after the event is tools are replaceable. It's inconvenient to loose data and time spent on work butFriends, family and my children are far more precious.

In retrospect, tools like DropBox, ICloud, Storage facilities with domain providers and Photo box are now the only tools in my life...that and my Iphone till I am with laptop again!!!  

And my new moto, to be prepared!

Bare with me while I get up to speed, but onwards and upwards I say!!

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