Monday, 3 June 2013

Monday Maker.... WANTED - A Traditional Teddy Bear!

Usually we celebrate one of our talented makers on the blog! This week we are looking for a talented crafts person / people to join our merry group.

u-ni-k gifts doesn't have a teddy bear, which is a tragedy for a children's gift company. So we'd like you to help us find the u-ni-k bear.

Please recommend a handmade bear, made from natural materials, that will sit handsomely among our other u-ni-k gifts!

Either add a link to your bear recommendation in the comments below, email us at or post on our Facebook page!

(Note for makers:
We don't charge makers for featuring on u-ni-k gifts, we work with you to create a pricing structure that suits both you & us. All our u-ni-k makers have a contract with us that helps clarify our working practices. We're more than happy to ask our current makers to contact you to let you know about working with us! )


  1. Hey lovelies, i bought Winnie a beautiful bear made from 1940's fabrics from this lovely lady...

    Winnie adores her bear!
    Hope this helps x

  2. Thank you Lucy! I'll go and check out her website