Thursday, 20 June 2013

Sometimes even the best plans go awry!

Today's blog is written off the cuff, in between saving the builders from a very curious toddler (she's already taken a fancy to one and wants to point brick work with another) and organising the personal touches for the next phase!

As a former project manager, I had all this in hand and organised weeks ago but a short telephone call has put this into disarray!

The wall tiles I wanted in the bathroom are now out of stock & discountinued! So my floor tiles don't match the new ones they want to replace the discontinued stock with.... Must go and choose all new tiles and have them delivered tomorrow.

So sometimes your best laid plans don't work... which is where Anna & I can help. If you suddenly realise that it's your god child's birthday on Saturday, drop us a line and we'll see if we can gift wrap & send special delivery a gift of your choice. We try to keep an example of each of our stock pieces with us here at u-ni-k so that we can send off at short notice.

So never fear, we are here!

(just don't ask us about builders)

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