Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Teacup tuesday- TUNE!

It's supposedly summer- a time to be musical.
I'm a big music fan and with this weekend being Glastonbury weekend it's a time to turn the music up!
I normally have music coming out of every room so I can hear it where ever I am in the house.
It helps me think, relaxes me, inspires me and makes me happy.
I am often found bopping or wiggling with the naughties.....
Lunch is often eaten while head banging or doing some type of bop as we eat. Normally resulting in giggles.

With that in mind I share a few blogs I have written on Music.....it inspires, it provokes and it can change a mood in a second. Use it productively and it can feed your soul!

So if your having a lull or a non-productive day switch on the radio or put on a favourite CD. It can certainly change your mood for the better!

I call it MUSE music........inspirational tunes! Here is my MUSE music blog here.
It can also capture a moment perfectly! Here is my sentimental music blog.....which I wrote while reminiscing with tears in my eyes. Soppy date!

So..........turn on your tunes and get to it!


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