Thursday, 13 June 2013

World shortage?! Breaking News... little girls no longer playing with dolls? Really?

On Monday we asked if anyone knew of a talented maker of dolls so that we could find a doll to join our merry gang... and unlike our request for a bear maker we've not had a response so far!

So it seems we've hit upon a global shortage? Do we only have the mass produced plastic dolls to play with these days? Come on everyone, there must be a dolly maker out there somewhere!

We know and love the Flo dolls from Fat Hen & Flo

We also love the personalised dolls from Five Past  Seven

In fact it would be hard to choose between them. But we were looking for a u-ni-k doll, something handmade & traditional. A rag doll perhaps? Something soft & big enough to cuddle?

Since you can't find one and we can't find one... perhaps there's no longer traditional dolls being made?

Do little girls no longer play with dolls (mine puts one to bed and washes another's hair once in a while but she has her rabbit as her constant companion)?

Perhaps there's not a demand for them?

What do you think?

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  1. i had my first (and last) doll when i was about 9, but just because everybody had one; i used to take my teddy out in a pram, pretending to feed him and put him in bed, he was my baby. From what i can see, it looks like children are getting closer to their soft toys than dolls nowadays