Thursday, 6 June 2013

My new found love... vintage!

I'm not a traditional girl, my taste is usually described as 'modern classic'. It's no secret I like things to be made from natural materials, and where possible made by hand!

Mentally I've always thought 'vintage' was a term used to describe doilies, pastel flowery patterns, and green bathrooms thought fashionable in the 1960s.

Until I visited the V&A. Now the Victoria & Albert Museum in London is not my usual stomping ground, the Natural History Museum is, definitely ME. However, Anna insisted that I make time for the V&A so on my one day off this year (my birthday, no-one should work their birthday) off I popped.

Wow, what a treasure trove of lovely pieces. I'd not saved much time for having a look (I'd gone to the NHM first) and I'll definitely be going back. The V&A are fabulous at showing vintage off at it's best! So thank you Anna for sending me their way.

This visit inspired me to look at some of our vintage pieces with a fresh eye (no bad thing for a photographer). While I've loved the look & feel of our Shuktara blanket, I now appreciate the delicate floral designs stitched together; the smell of the vintage  children's stories in their hardcover books, the soft loved feel of the mangle linen on Winnie's Pinnies.

Vintage isn't always doilies & granny florals. Sometimes is classic, timeless pieces that should be loved & treasured.

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