Sunday, 21 July 2013

Monday Maker- Magpie & Treasure boxes

I help capture memories of infants and children by creating Memory & Treasure boxes. 
By personalising them into a persona that reflects the child and all that makes them unique.

It all started with making one for my daughter, Ida, my nephew Joseph, a lovely friends little boy and my niece Elsie Pru.

Neutral Teddy box

Made for my nephew Joseph. Each teddy I have since made has had it's own character and naughty stance.

Bunny Rabbit Box

Made for a lovely friends little boy when he was born to capture every important memento.
I have since made for girls with cream boxes.

Woodland fairy

The first box ever made for my biggest naughty. A mix of woodland treasures in the undergrowth, important people who would have loved her had they still been here and beautiful flowers.

Three little birds box

The original made for my sweet little niece, Elsie Pru. She's a cheeky wotsit with lots of character and I designed this box to replicate her sweet strong characterful nature.

This box is coming soon to the website.

Using decoupage I am able to incorporate family photos or a page depicting a name from a baby naming book into a design. My latest book was especially personal, capturing a special Cat, a frog and a snake amongst Teddies, Bunnies and birds. 

Each box is made from sustainable alder wood and has a fabric lining cloth that can also act as a burp cloth. Boxes can be made extra special with more personalisation and each design is available in green, off white and pale blue.

I am a little bit of a Magpie so collecting treasures and memories is something natural and inherent to me. Making a box to capture my daughters treasure and memories is something I needed and LOVED doing. Now all I have to do is fine time to make my smallest naughty one!

Within my biggest naughties box is Birthday cards, shells collected from our first holiday, first paintings, first letters written and little things she classes as her treasures.

I love making them and love the little ones i make them for.


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