Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Teacup Tuesday... School holidays!

Quick, it looks as if Mummy's trying to get something done!
It's never easy running a small business (read our other Teacup Tuesday blogs to see all the different trials we endure), but for some reason it's even more difficult in the school holidays. Now Anna & I both have children under 4, so while they are not at school we are affected by the activities that are put on hold during the school holidays.

So my midweek playgroup is now 'on holiday' until September.I know this doesn't sound like it should affect us but it's where I can catch up on emails & missed telephone calls (I use this opportunity to call people back who have asked about our products or our company - usually national newspapers looking for us to advertise with them) while DangerMouse plays with her friends.

I now find myself with a toddler who wants stimulation during the day and a husband who wants to discuss interior design (where to put up pictures in layman's terms) at night. So missing these few hours is making a big difference!

While I am sure there are other working Mums out there who now have older children underfoot who are thinking 'pah' at this blog update, but I'm not yet able to give Kathryn jobs that help me! She has her own interpretation of 'tidy' when I'm stock checking or she finds something she likes and says "ooooh mine!". If I try to do something while I think she's playing nicely... I usually find she's managed to get into mischief (at the weekend I found her up to her elbows in paint - painting my car with her poster paints!!).

So we working Mums with children underfoot this Summer Holiday are trying to find ways to fit our work days into the precious few hours we have in a week. While we will always put orders as our first priority in these few hours, people may have to wait a day more for us to come back to their enquiries or they may just have 'please excuse the typos as this was sent from my iPhone' at the bottom of their emailed response!

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