Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Tea cup Tuesday- Perfection

With the pending Royal baby arrival (perhaps by blog launch time, now arrived Royal baby) I've had quite a  few days of  impending babies arriving.

On Saturday, I became an Auntie again to Freddy Arthur, little brother to Henry.

I love it. I never thought I would say it and I am sure I am not the only Mum who feels it since becoming a Mum. The news of a baby on it's way makes me excited, a little tearful and a very happy lady. I am like a child waiting for Christmas.....I really can't wait!
There is something very lovely about new born babies.

When we (Sarah & I, the unik ladies) heard that Kate and Wills were expecting, we got talking, virtually over email I think as our crazy lives mean we physically don't get to catch up much.

-What does every Mum, regardless of status, worth and how much is in their purse, deserve to have to celebrate their new baby arriving?
-What should no new Mum go without?
-What did we feel was the most precious thing we could share with our own babies, that were as unique, precious.
Something we felt EVERY mum should not be without.

And the answer for us both was simple. And very much said in unison!

The special little something that is simple cotton, but beautifully hand made. It's perfect to shelter a baby in the summer and keep them warm in the Winter. The layers keep you cool, keeps skin cool and breathable and un sweaty way. 
Each is perfectly unique as the infant they are made for. 
Everyone is unique and stitched with love.

The unanimous answer for both Sarah and I was- 


Wondering if Kate will feel the same?

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