Thursday, 18 July 2013

The price of a cheaper alternative...

I take photos [as many of you know]. In fact I take LOTS of photos, some of which I think are quite good... so I print them out, frame them and put them up on the walls of my house (yes I have builders in making the house bigger... no not just so I can put more photos up!).

So I've invested in a professional printer, I now religiously buy the make of the printer ink & the paper by the same manufacturer as the printer. The branded ink & paper cost me more than the cheap alternatives that I used to buy, but the quality out weighs the price difference.

The cheaper inks & paper meant the beautiful colours I see on my screen weren't replicated on the printed photo, my greens weren't right, by blacks had a reddish tint & sometimes the photo looked flat in comparison. The photos on the cheaper paper fade quicker, losing the finder detail. So for me the more expensive, high quality ink & paper will look better, last longer and keep my happy for a lot longer than the cheaper alternative.

This is the lesson I've learnt through trial and error: pay for the quality and don't suffer the heartache caused by the cheaper alternative.

Which is why all our gifts at u-ni-k are hand selected by Anna & I.

We both believe in the high quality of our products and although for some pieces there are cheaper alternatives we've found these to be inferior to ours.

We want the gift you are giving to look better, last longer and keep the recipient happier than the cheaper alternative. That's why we're u-ni-k (unique).

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