Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Teacup Tuesday... making time for friends & family

Most my work is done at night, turning me into a night owl
If you're thinking of starting a small business take heed: your 'you time' will disappear first, and then you'll struggle to make time for friends and family. Making a small business work is hard work, there's no way around avoiding the fact that you need to put in the time and effort to make it a success.

Like other businesses some days we are emailed magical business courses / seminars which seem to sell business success in 30 days by just working 3 days a week!

The adverts usually say something like: 'Build your business in just 30 days, sign up now and receive my free eBook on Making Your Business Work For You' and then in smaller print Just £100 to join'. In really small writing there's mention of a monthly subscription but no mention of cost. If you ignore this email you'll have another one in a few days saying 'Now with out a sign up fee - Join now and save £100' - John from Bishopsford did and he's now running an internationally successful business. Read more about John and his success story by clicking here...'

Pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

I'm very conscious that the time I spend on u-ni-k is focused and task orientated. I make sure that I maximise the time I have available on doing tasks that need to be done, that will bring the maximum return and that can be completed in the time I have available. Usually there's not enough time available so I sacrifice making that overdue call to an old friend, or jumping in the shower at the end of the day instead of having a long relaxing bath. You make these sacrifices to make things work, so I'm not sure what magic formula the courses and seminars provide.

Perhaps I'm just too cynical. Perhaps, just perhaps I could work less and earn more... if I could only believe that for a price some magic business advice could change my life that much.

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