Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Teacup tuesday.....Puss in boots eyes!

It's always lovely to see our chosen products being cared for, loved and used. 
Especially by little ones. 
So when we take part in markets & shows, we encourage people to play, touch and have ago. It's the only real opportunity that the general public get to see how special our things are. 
We are a gifting website after all! Although an image speaks 1000 words seeing the actual physical thing is something you just can't beat.
You see how vibrant a colour is, how soft the cashmere is and how something has been lovingly made with much love and care.
I am always overwhelmed by the gorgeous feedback we receive when we take our things out to be seen. Everyone swoons over the cashmere, laughs with us at the paper animal names (Sophia Le Hen, Eggory Peck and Cluck Gable to name a few) and I have caught many a man gazing adoringly at the Handmade wooden train and carriage and  the wonderful Mr Moose. It's understandable, both are incredibly handsome. Ive caught myself doing the same many times.
So, what more of a compliment is needed than a little girl who has been allowed to play and take bobbing bunny out on a little walk round the market to become a little bit tearful when she has to be parted and say goodbye. With proper Puss in Boots eyes.
We felt saddened that she felt so sad at the farewell but apparently she LOVES bunnies!
We do too!!!
What more can I say, our gifts are u-ni-k and quite irresistible. 
That's why we get a little saddened too when a piece finds a  new home.
We may be sad but it only lasts a moment, till we see a child's happy face and the thought of  it finding a happy home and being lovingly played with.

Image courtesy of Sarah D photography


*P.s Apologies for the lack of blog yesterday. Mummy duties called! 

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