Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Extra extra read all about it!

Yay, the famous news hound (and fellow blogger) Amie C has managed to track us down for a world exclusive interview, shame she didn't find u_ni_k HQ (aka the bat cave) otherwise we could have discovered some bubbles in the fridge and sat out in the sunshine.

Now these things should go without a hitch, right? But this is me, right? So we'd finished chatting and then came the words that strike fear into my heart..."Could you email me a photo?" Aggghhhhh all those that know and love u_ni_k on Facebook will also be aware of the recent group featuring one of my best photo angles. Yes, I'm talking about the infamous  group "People who have photos of my bottom!", all 6 most recent shots of me are from my best angle - behind. Not quite suitable for the press. I'll let you all sell those shots to the Sunday Papers when I'm even more rich and famous than I am now.

So here's me digging around the shiny laptop looking for photos of my face rather than my bottom. Dear me, wish I was the 'nice' one from u_ni_k rather than the 'nutter' (Anna assures me this is a technical retail term for people who are computer literate). Bet when they phone Anna she'll have a gallery of lovely "Anna" shots to send them... Me? Well there's that one of me bending over in the pink dress... or the one of me bending over in my jeans... or the one of me bending over fanning the fire...*sigh*

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