Monday, 20 February 2012

Blue is for boys... isn't it?

Blue is for boys and pink is for girls, a universal truth that we all know or are brought up knowing. I've never been one for pink...not even as a child.

It's amazing how many pink things you are given when you are a little girl or have a little girl. Probably because most people don't think past the mantra - blue for a boy, pink for a girl. 

I'll let you in on a secret...You'll find frustrated Mummies walking around the boys section desperately looking for something that is still 'girly' enough for their little girl but in a colour other than pink. The 'sick of pink' usually kicks in at about 18months. Pink's OK but nothing but pink for 18m becomes a little too much!

So as soon as our house renovations were completed (we moved out when Dangerbaby was 1 week and moved back in when she was 9months) we painted & decorated the whole house. We chose quite neutral colours so that we could put up our pictures, paintings, and photographs without worrying about if the frames we had would match. We also chose paint that could be easily wiped clean!

DangerBaby's room is white and not themed. I didn't want to redecorate in 3 years time when her craze is...Dogs instead of jungles or Planes instead of trains?! So I chose to personalise her room with colour instead. I chose calming neutral colours that could be easily adapted over the next 5 years or so!

Her room is definitely cream, blue, oatmeal and dark brown. Think of driftwood on a holiday beach and you have the colour pallet just right.

Kick off your shoes and paddle in the warm blue waters!
I have a wall sticker in DangerBaby's bedroom that is light blue, she has light blue in her curtains and a cream carpet. There's not an ounce of pink in her d├ęcor! There's enough pink in her wardrobe to convince anyone that she's a little girl! 

I find blue to be a very calming colour, I love water - especially the sea. Being near water calms me and  since I would like DangerBaby to be relaxed and calm in her bedroom – I have introduced blue into her room as well.

We have a blue trim and blue squares on our memory quilt:

Blue features in our memory blanket
by FatHenandFlo
In fact Susan quilt stitched the whole quilt in blue thread!

So on the 'reverse' side we have blue flowers, hearts, birdies all stitched into the white. So lovely!

I can't find our actual tree but this is close!

We have a blue wall sticker  

(a bit like this one without the baubles, and ours has animals and a little boy playing a pipe and well lots of other stuff)

We have blue detailing on her curtains

Duck Egg as this interiors shop calls this
particular shade of blue

If you want to add a touch of calming blue to your little ones room then we can help (or if you can't let go of the mantra – little girls must have pink I've added some purples too!)

Seaside blues
Calming purples

Baby quilted blankets
Baby quilt coming soon to u-ni-k

Even some blue outfits, that look good enough to display on the wall: 

All available from

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