Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Take a leap?!

Is it your birthday today? How old are you 8? How old you do feel...32? Well Happy Birthday Leapling!

[Legally your age depends on which law you abide to, as different countries count time intervals in different ways. In England and Wales the legal birthday of a leapling is March 1 in non leap years, this is the same in many of the old English colonies - Hong Kong included! Taiwan and New Zealand the legal birthday of leaplings is 28 February!]

Propose for some diamonds?!
The other tradition that everyone associates with the 29th February is the one where a lady is perfectly within her rights to propose to her gentleman friend. A bit dated this tradition as we all know that if we really want to propose we can do so any time of the year.. however there are some lovely folk traditions surrounding the women proposing.

If a man refused the proposal, then the woman needed compensating - Queen Margaret of Scotland required that the man pay a fine - which could range from a kiss to a silk gown! In the 18th Century if a woman was to propose she was to wear a scarlet petticoat - this may provide enough warning to the young man that he could disappear from view and avoid the silk gown fine!!

If he says no demand a silk dress!

In Denmark, the refusal must be compensated with a pair of gloves, given to the asker within 12 days.

As where Finland we're back to clothes again, but just the fabric to make a skirt!!

In Greece however, it's considered unlucky to propose or be married on this day.

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